10 May, 2007


Ughghgg... My tasks for the weekend are:
1. Learn to drive to Zama
2. Learn to drive to Yokosuka

I need to learn to drive to these places because soon my husband Fred will be deploying. Zama is one of the closest shopping areas and also the Girl Scout Store is there. These things are important to know and get to.
Why do I need to get to Yokosuka? Well the military facility I live on is fairly small and should my child break her arm or leg they do not have casting capabilities here, I will have to drive 2 hours to the nearest MTF. I know because the first year we were here my oldest Amanda had broken her arm and here they said it was not broken and gave her a sling to use.. (This was on a Sunday) The next day we get a call saying that her arm is indeed broken and we will need to go to Yokosuka to have it casted..

So this among other things are my obstacles for this deployment. The obvious being I am in a foreign Country with no family close by, without the ability to just drive and visit family, the language barrier and me being an inexperienced driver on the Japanese Highway.

I do drive don't get me wrong.. However I drive to relatively close places.. The Daeie, Bikkuri Donkey, Sushi go Round, and Yakiniku..... If this deployment holds true to form as all deployments do.. Something indeed will go wrong and it will cause a spiraling event of 3 somethings in total to go wrong.. The last time it was my Van broke down, My washer and because I wasn't the active Duty military person I could not change my phone/cable....

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