30 May, 2007

Mom & Me Get Together

The Girl Scout Troop put together a wonderful Mom & Me event.. The theme was Runway.. The girls were to do hair, make up and accessorize their mom and if time permitted we would do the same to the girls. As you walked in you picked up a card and then went to 3 tables.

The first table my girls took me to was the jewelry table, they gave me 3 necklaces and a ring

We then went to the hair table they put pink and green hair extensions in my hair (my hair is very short so they really could not do much to it)

Then we were off to the make up table.. caitlin picked a lipstick and put it on me, Amanda did my eyes.. My girls did really well considering how some of the other mothers looked..

All in all is was a great time, we walked the runway with music and cameras flashing..

The Mother that put it all together did an outstanding job, we had a great time..

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