09 May, 2007

My Daughter & her Job

My 7 year old daughter made it on the cover a Clothing Catalog this month.

Here in Japan blond hair blue eyed children are considered good luck. Many times as we are going through the Mall we will hear "Kawaii" pronounced Kauai meaning cute.. Women usually will rub the girls head for luck as we walk by we have even been approached by people to have their picture taken with my girls.

It is very different here then in the States. At 7:00 a.m if you are riding the train you will probably see young children in their school uniforms unescorted taking the train to school, some of the children look as young as 5. It is unbelievable...

Back to my youngest DD, she has been on numerous auditions and in March she was in a clothing catalog called Milk. In April she did a shoot for a catalog called Short Coco, all of the other children at the shoot were 4 years old and as tall as she is.

The Catalog is out and although I have yet to get a hold of one I did find the picture of the catty online and she is one of the girls out of 2 on the cover.. To her it does not matter she just likes to get her hair done and change into all of the dresses..

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