05 July, 2007

A Day in a childs Modeling Job

Get up at 5:30a.m. (well start getting up)

Get the girls up at 6:00 a.m.

Get the 2 backpacks packed with supplies to keep occupied on the train ride and between outfit changes at the location

6:30a.m. leave the house and go have breakfast

stop at the Navy Lodge and pick up a train map and get the number to a taxi

7:00 am, park car and walk out the gate because we are unable to get a taxi walk to the train station

7:30 am arrive at the train station and start our hour train ride to the location

9:05am arrive 40 minutes early to the meeting point

9:35am we are met by a rep from the modeling company and he takes us to the location

10:05am the photography and wardrobe staff arrive

3:00pm 3 outfits and alot of waiting and the shoot is done for the day

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