20 July, 2007


My Mom IM'd me the other day to tell me that my Father is having surgery again for his heart.
(They have been divorced for at least 25 years) My brothers and my sister will be going to visit him in the Hospital. He works in the Oilfields and has most of his life, so he is always working, even when he is suppose to be home he ends up going back out there. After this episode he says he is seriously considering being a Consultant for the company. I wish him the best of luck in that and a speedy recovery.. I am there with him in spirit.. This is one thing that is so tough with being a Military Spouse, when you are stationed away from family and issues arise it is difficult to be the one not to be there.. We are in Japan and my family is in California and Dh's family is in Louisiana.... Please say a little prayer that he'll be ok..

Thanks for listening

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  1. I will keep you and your family in our prayers. I wish your father a speedy recovery


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