23 July, 2007


It's 726am and I have been awake since 1045pm, I tried and tried and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't.. so what did I do?

Laundry 3 Loads --- I then got sidetracked by hunger (because I skipped dinner) and I made for the first time ever.. chicken enchiladas, they were yummy... I skipped folding the laundry now it sits and waits and I am here on the computer blogging about me.. LOL

So after eating and mopping the floor and cleaning the dishes and counters I turned towards my scrapping area and decide to make something.. I made a party hat, and a cone for gifts.. There is a birthday coming up and I am going to fill the cone with goodies.. I might post a sneak peek later.. I really want to get to the store (although it is expensive) and look for some crafting elements to add to my party hat and cone.. Maybe I will do it today on the way back..

Oh yes, I forgot to mention in an hour I have to leave to take an hour and a half train ride to Shibuya then a bus to Chiba (I don't know how long that will take) my daughter Caitlin has a modeling job for a leaflet for a Mall today.. I am hoping it wraps up rather quickly... and that I can find the meeting place which is next to a statue of a Dog? easily.. LOL

You can read about Shibuya here not that we are doing any of that today..

Have a great day everyone!

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