30 July, 2007


Last night I shut my computer off and the girls and I prepared for our electricity going out, which thankfully it did not.. We did lose some cable channels though..
We had a nice thunder and lightening storm last night, it was super close.. The girls were scared and jumping up at the loud thunder and cuddling under blankets when the lightening flashed..This went on maybe half an hour and then the storm finally started moving on..

Turns out we are in Tropical Storm watch (possible typhoon) so this morning I woke up to a gray day so bleak and blahhh.. then around 1100am it started drizzling and then pouring down buckets of rain luckily no lightening some thunder but not as loud as last night.. It looked like there was a big dust cloud outside so murky... ughghgh finally that too passed.. I am thankful for the rain as it has cooled outside down a bit.. being here in Japan with 94% humidity ughghgh

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