08 August, 2007

2 Awards.. I am Rockin' and Thinkin'

Ms. Dee Dee over at Scrappin with Dee Dee has nominated me for 2 awards.. Let me just say I AM SO HONORED to be chosen for these AWARDS!!!!!!!!

the Thinking Blogger

also the Rockin Girl Blogger

Thank you so much!
If you haven't been to Dee Dee's Blog go check it out you might find yourself inspired, and or wanting to purchase a Cricut so beware...
I guess now it is my duty to Nominate other Blogs...

Thinking Blogger & Rockin Girl Blogger

HollyDoodleDesigns I look at her blog everyday, she is super talented inspirational and well lots of things are pink or frilly...

Glitter Angel check out her blog to view her work, awesome {I do believe in fairies and things with wings}

Thinking Blogger (she has already been nominated for Rockin Girl Blog or I would nominate her again)
Blended Colors Another blog I must visit everyday, she has so much talent and is so creative she (in my opinion) thinks outside the box

Paper Past times of a Scrapbooking Mimi another blog I have been checking weekly she is a fellow Cricuteer

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  1. You are VERY Welcome Heather....your blog really does ROCK and it sure does get me to thinking!!!! LOL



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