10 August, 2007

Blog Candy Winner! (s)

I want to thank everyone for entering in my Blog Candy contest it has been wonderful to see everyones creations and I wish I could send everyone something.. All the work was inspiring.
Well since it was Caitlin's birthday on the 9th of August {she turned 8} so I let her choose the winner. It was a tough call so we have several winners... #1 will receive the Blog Candy that was posted and the 3 runners up will receive a Tussie Mussie filled with goodies....

Please email me your addresses so I can get your goodies shipped off to you.. Thank you everyone for entering it was great fun!

#1 Blog Candy Winner

Posted by Anu from Finland

Tussie Mussie Winners

#2 Dee Dee

Laurie, Sheri & Dee Dee

Wonderful job ladies!


  1. YAY! I won a goodie on a BLOG contest!!!! This is my first blog contest win...THANK YOU Heather...you are a doll and I LOVE your blog!!!!!!


  2. Unbelievable! I've never won anything :D Thank you so much and congrats on Caitlin's birthday!

  3. hey thanx! and thanx for the thinking blogger nomination! your so cool.... your daughters shoot looked awsome... hw did you find out about doin that?


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