05 August, 2007


In 4 months I will be the big 3-0.... I always thought and planned that when I turned 30 I would be touring in the streets of Italy, Ireland or Germany...

I left my job to be a stay at home mom to make my home life more cohesive for my DH.. and I have loved it but I miss work also... When I left my job I also left my plans to be traveling on this day in my life..

My birthdays are not anything special, once you turn 18 do you really celebrate your birthdays any longer? My 21st birthday I was married and pregnant so no real celebration there...

Why all of the blabbering on? Now I am back to planning my trip I really want to see different parts of the world. I have missed out on alot of traveling but I am the only one to blame I have been the only one holding myself back. (sorry if all of this is incoherent)

What I am really saying is that I am planning a trip and I am so super excited..I am trying to decide between Ireland & Germany or maybe I could find a tour that incorporates both places?
My plans are for Dec. 08 but I really need to look into what the weather is like during december.


  1. you know since your military you could catch a hop over to europe and then they have a company here where you can buy tickets for like 10cents euro! the only catch is you wait in a line and you have to get lucky... i just turned the big 3-0 so i know how ya feel! we to holland for my b-day... you gotta travel ! its worth it!

  2. oh i just wanted to say i did just email you.. its coming from sherimarie13@hotmail.com... i tried to email you to let you know your art was on the way as well....
    and hey your very talented... you paint awsome... your good with acrylics... i cannot paint very good with acrylics at all!


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