08 August, 2007

Global Warming 101? Understood?

Global Warming 101 as seen on Oprah

What is Global Warming?
"The theory of global warming is both controversial and political. But most of us aren't even sure what it is. Here's your chance to get informed!The atmosphere surrounding the Earth contains something called "greenhouse gases." Certain gases that exist naturally in the atmosphere trap heat that would otherwise escape into space. It's like building a blanket over the Earth. And it's a good thing, too, because otherwise the Earth would be 60 degrees colder than it is now.The problem is human beings are thickening that blanket by adding air pollution to the atmosphere. It's estimated that burning oil and other fossil fuels have pumped over 700 billion tons of carbon dioxide pollution into the atmosphere! And that's what experts reason is causing the Earth to warm—a thicker blanket means a warmer planet."
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Whether you are a believer or follower of Global Warming I am not here to preach to you.. I am merely talking about something that everyone seems to be talking about but I never thought about. It did not take Oprah, for me to listen.. {Ok that is part of the reason) Also though with all of the natural disasters along with these record heats that many areas of the nation are experiencing something has to be going on.. I mean my goodness it is absolutely boiling hot stifling hot icky sticky hot we have a temp of 80F but 94% humidity.. Oh MY! It is horrible..

I remember my Senior year English Teacher always said "History Repeats Itself" so if we have had an Ice Age, it would seem probable to have an opposite effect of the Ice Age and then a repeat of the Ice Age? Does that make sense? Now, honestly I do not follow politics nor environmental issues I do try and recycle and with gas prices a Hybrid vehicle seems the best bet.. Can you imagine that for your Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren that the beautiful Glaciers, Greenland and things of that nature that they may not be seeing the same things we have seen that they could be gone? It is a mind boggling notion.

I have been on this Earth for 29 years.. and according to science for almost as long as I have been alive the Earth has already changed drastically..

"NASA images reveal that Arctic sea ice has been melting drastically over the last 25 years. One study found almost 400,000 square miles of sea ice is already gone. As rising temperatures melt away glaciers, sea levels around the world are rising. That could spell disaster for the over 100 million people living within three feet of sea level. Some coastline villages like Point Barrow are slowly falling into the rising sea. The loss of all that ice in the Arctic could mean hotter and more deadly summers for the rest of us. If the temperatures continue to rise, some scientists are predicting an epidemic spread of infectious diseases like malaria and cholera. Warmer summers have produced massive amounts of tree-eating bugs, like the spruce bark beetle, which have already destroyed 4 million acres of Alaskan spruce."

"Four changes anyone can do to help the environment:
Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. "Listen to the statistic from the EPA report," Laurie says. "If every American household changed five regular light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, it would be like taking 8 million cars off the road."
If you bring clothes to the dry cleaners, bring along a garment bag instead of having them wrap your cleaned clothes in plastic.
Unplug appliances when you're not using them, even though you may think they're off. "For example, when you take your phone off, if the charger's still in the wall, it's sucking energy and that's costing us money and costing us emissions," Laurie says. "Everything needs to be pulled out of the wall: your coffee maker, your toaster, your hairdryer."
Buy toilet paper made from post-consumer waste paper—that's recycled paper!

I wonder if in our housing if we use the correct...energy efficient light bulbs...
I don't do dry cleaning very often, but that is certainly something I can do...
Wow.. I really didn't think about that.. I have so many things plugged into the wall even when it is not in use.. Especially lamps, those of you who know military housing know that the lighting sucks.. Who doesn't put a ceiling light in a living room?
As long as it is recylced 2ply paper I can do that for toilet paper (am i spoiled?)

Whether you believe Global Warming is happening and that we can help in preventing it, it sure is something to think about. I have my thinking cap on now.. I know as a Girl Scout Leader (it will be my first year this year), that there is actually a patch and a booklet for the troop on learning about Global Warming and to earn the badge they have to complete 5 tasks, I do believe this will be one of our badges on the schedule this year..

...Ok I am off of my soap box... the uninformed, misinformed,misunderstood,crazy,sane,urgent,incoherent,coherent,understood
ok now I am off

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  1. I like to use vinegar to clean my house with ... thats helps with the ozone... I'm currently using cloth diapers for my little 9mth old... that realy helps with landfills... we leave off all the lights until absolutely necessary and dont use the dryer everyday and leave the tv off most of the day... theres more but we definately try to think about it... thanx for posting this!


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