08 August, 2007

Information on Atsugi

Atsugi (厚木市, Atsugi-shi?) is a city located in Kanagawa, Prefecture Japan.
As of 2003, the city has an estimated population of 221,226 and a population density of 2,357.73 persons per km². The total area is 93.83 km². The city gained city status on February, 1955.
Within Japan, Atsugi is mainly known as a satellite city for the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area; it is also associated with the United States Navy base at NAF Atsugi, which is actually not in Atsugi, but straddles the border between the nearby cities of Ayase and Yamato.
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Japanese - English
(I am going to type it out to how it sounds to me phonetically)
Ohio Go Zeye (zzz eye) mas Good Morning
Co Knee Chee Wa Good Afternoon
Cone ban wa Good Evening
Gnaw May Wa {your name} des My Name is

Ok now not broken down by me (i might have confused you)
Ohayo / Ohayo gozaimasu Good morning (before 10AM)
Konnichi wa Hello! Good day (after 10AM)
Komban wa Good evening
Oyasumi nasai Good night (before bedtime)
Sayonara Good-bye
Domo / Domo Arigato Thank you
Arigato Gozaimasu Thank you (very polite)
Onegai Shimasu I make a request
(spoken when one wishes to practice with a fellow student or teacher)
Gomen Nasai I'm sorry, excuse me
Do itashimashite Don't mention it. You're welcome
Ogen'ki Desu ka How are you? Are you in good spirits?
Okagesama de Fine, thank you

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  1. my grandparents were stationed in japan and our grandfather taught us some of that.... im trying to learn it again... wishfull thinking... its easier than german! i can count to ten in japanese... thanx for this post too! more cool info!


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