08 August, 2007

Milk Modeling Job

Caitlin has a job 10 August in Ginza for Milk Magazine this will be the 2nd time she has done this magazine/catalog.. Yeah

We are waiting to hear back on the Vogue Nippon magazine the shooting is the 18th. After these 2 whether she gets the last or not she is ready to quit she no longer wants to do it. I support her fully.

She will have great pictures and memories to look at later in life. Truthfully though I am thankful it is very very time consuming and hard on the pocket..

Trains usually round trip 20.00
Taxi round trip 15.00
Food: 20-25.00
Magazines?Catalogs when they are published 30-40.00

If we stay at a hotel closer to the location 50.00

all out of our pocket and it is all day like a 12 hour thing with travel time and she is paid roughly $200.00

I can see why she doesn't like it, then we have to wait 3 months to be paid :o)

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