08 August, 2007

My Girls Playing Dress Up

Caitlin's Birthday is tomorrow and although we don't have a birthday party until after school starts so she can invite her new classmates we will have a cake for her tomorrow.

Caitlin is having a Tea Party for her Birthday and I found an awesome deal on eBay for Prom Dress I bought 10 of them for $6.00 including shipping they are of course big on them but that is half of the fun.I am sure her friends will love dressing up in them.. I am going to take them to the my friend who sews so she can chop some extra length off then hem them up for me so they wont be falling on their faces...

Amanda's birthday is August 31st and she is having a Hollywood Premiere Theme party and I am still trying to figure out invitations.. They will probably use the same dresses.

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