23 August, 2007

Summer is ENDING! Yeah

I don't know about all of you but for me, I see the light at the end of the tunnel...
4 more days and my girls go back to school. They have been underfoot all summer long.. Refused to play sports, refused to play outside, refused to keep their rooms clean. I know that when I was their age all I wanted to do is run around outside.

This is a small base, where I can freely let me kids wander (they know how far they can go) to the park or to ride their bike to McDonald's (2 streets over)... but it has been in house all summer, fighting over what to eat, what channel to watch, she hit me she has my hat she has my pillow she's in my room etc etc etc....

I have tried to get them involved
Me: Hey guys Ana is taking ballet wouldn't it be fun to do ballet with her?
Them: Yeah but I don't want to
Cait: I only want the ballet slippers and the pink skirt
Me: a tutu
Cait: yeah tutu whatever as long as it is pink
Me: you only get that stuff if you take the class
Cait: never mind, why can't you just buy it for me
Me: how about soccer, soccer is coming up you get to run around and kick the ball it will be good exercise
Them:no I don't want to get hot and sweaty
Me: Well what do you want to do this year? Amanda? Do you want to try the swim team again? (in my head though I don't know how we will get to the meets unless someone will let us carpool with them since I don't drive off base)
Amanda: Yeah I guess maybe
Me: Caitlin do you want to do cheerleading again?
Cait: Well I like it and practice is fun but you know I don't like people looking at me
Me: You will do fine you always do and you get used to it
Cait: No, I just don't wanna do it Mom, geez

This is pretty much the dialogue all summer... ughhghgh!!! Why? Why? Why?

If the cat does not stop whining (that's what his meows or hers whoever is meowing) sounds like, I am going to scream! My girls finally went for a bike ride and instead of their whining I have the cats... They are both fixed, and front paws declawed a boy Ninja and a girl Pepper brother and sister. For a while now Pepper has taken a liking to Amanda's little stuffed penguin from the zoo and carries it around in her mouth like a baby, she cleans it and lays with it and carries it around the house. I think she can't find it in the tornado disaster of a room of hers and that is why she is meowing....

Ok what was I saying, oh yes school school school! 4 more days then I am hoping to have time and quiet to read and create... It has been a while since I have played with my Ebug (Cricut Expression).. I want to be able to listen to music while cleaning the house, when I do that now my music somehow ends up being on Sponge Bob Squarepants tv show and I lose my cleaning groove.. awww... so sad...

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  1. you know i just love reading your little stories about life with kids.... so true, so true


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