03 August, 2007

This is her Life

She sits alone at the window waiting. There was a time where all things seemed possible and she felt happy. Now she sits alone waiting, wondering is this the day?

A knock at the door and then everything blurred for her she can’t remember exactly what was said, or how she got here.. Three men in uniform are on her doorstep, one who seems most important is doing the talking but she can’t hear anything, she blinks back a tear. He holds out his hand and leads her to the car, she knows not where it is going.

The white walls, the smell of antiseptic and a constant beep reminds her this is a new reality. She can be happy, she knows it she just needs him by her side. She walks away from the window and holds his hand, it feels cold she rubs his hand between hers to warm them and pulls the blankets around him. I can not lose him, I will not leave him, he is mine, I need him. She whispers in his ear “I love you”. She will not cry she will be strong she will hold on and not let go.

The doctors come and go, the nurses bring her coffee and suggest sleep, she can not leave don’t they know this is her life.

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