06 August, 2007

Todays Day of Chores and Trains

Hello Blog Readers... How was your weekend? Mine was scattered with Lightening and Thunder storms, being sick and letting my kids run rampant in my house resulting in a huge mess I still have yet to clean up...

As my pledge to myself to become healthier, while at McDonald's I had the chicken salad with low fat vinaigrette dressing then went swimming for 1 1/2 (at least that is the amount of time I was swimming) we were there for almost 3 hours.. For dinner I had a mandarin chicken salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing and did not eat the mandarin oranges and there were thinly sliced almonds in the salad.. yummy.. i ate half and took the rest home (it was huge)..{Those were healthy choices right?}

Today I picked up the house a bit, then I have to go to the Navy College office to straighten some things out for my husband and take my youngest daughter on an hour train ride for an audition for Vogue Nippon Magazine shoot that is happening the 18th of this month..

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  1. thats cool your daughter will be in vogue? well i know about messy houses due to kids... i have an 8yr old 4yr old and 9mth old! i have nominated for a nice matters award... your all about nice matters! sheri


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