02 October, 2007

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays

Although my daughters Birthdays are officially in August, since Daddy was gone on Deployment we waited to have a Birthday Party until he came home. So September 28th and 29th we celebrated Amanda's 10th Birthday and Caitlin's 8th Birthday.

Amanda's Theme was Hollywood Premiere

I printed her invitations off of the computer to resemble a concert ticket with a stub to tear off, I used a sewing needle to perforate the ticket (it was really killing my fingers) Dresses I purchased from a store on Ebay were available, they were Prom & Cocktail dresses the girls had fun dressing up and singing Karaoke and we watched 2 movies

Caitlin's invitations were made using my Sizzix Die for the dresses on the front of the invite and each invitation had 2 little bling on the corner of the invite, on the inside I used stamps for the You're Invited Time Date Place, etc.. and hand wrote all of the information

Caitlin had a Tea Party/Dress up Party. I have 2 tea sets I purchased while here in Japan and we used those tea sets for the party. The dresses and Caitlin's Princess & Barbie dress up clothes were available for her and her friends to play with also and we watched a movie called Arthur & The Invisibles and some of her friends sang Karaoke
Goodie Bags/Boxes were decorated by using my Cricut. Caitlin had hot pink goodie bags which I used my Celebrations cart and cut out a cupcake at 5" and used a glue dot to adhere to the front of the bag

Amanda had a Chinese takeout box for her goodie bag and I cut out cupcakes at 3', party hat at 3" embossed it with my cuttlebug a present and a Many Thanks or Thank You cut out square All of the cuts were made with my Cricut and using the Celebrations Cart

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