24 November, 2007

Thanksgiving -- Turkey Day!

Turkey Day! Turkey Day! Turkey Day!

What does a mother of 2 whose husband is deployed do on a Holiday (Thanksgiving) when all her family is in another Country because she supports her husband and moved to Japan do?

Well I eat Turkey of course, however my house is not wafting with the aromatic smells of Turkey, Baking Bread or even Pumpkin Pies.. No, not my house there is also no sports to be watched or even a Turkey being fried by my DH..

For me this year it is all of us bundling up as it is already a very chilly November {with hopes of snow in our minds} we bundle up and go out to the car. Where are we going on Thanksgiving? Despite my daughters request to have McDonalds (blech).. we arrive at The Far East Cafe otherwise known as the Galley, (245pm yeah we are early) it opens at 300pm and there is already a line (shoot)..

We wait for 30 minutes to finally reach the counter and pay our $6.05 each for the meal we are about to receive, I scurry my youngest one off to find us a table, my oldest and I stand in line for Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Peas, Corn and Gravy... We don't get all of it of course... then we walk to the salad bar and fruit area where they have cranberry sauce and then pass the soup one of which seems to be clam chowder (I never checked the other), around the corner and what do they put in my way? The dessert table... All these decadent cakes and pies, I pick up a slice of pecan pie and drizzle on some chocolate sauce... at the other end of the dessert table is the bread and low and behold cookies cookies and more cookies but also fruitcake and banana nut bread, chocolate mousse and something unidentifiable by me.. So as I am seeking out my youngest I see that she has chosen a little booth in front of the free for all drink machines that include sodas, frozen drinks, different specialty coffees and my favorite and a must have as the area where we are sitting is getting a draft from the long line of people still progressing inside to dine...Hot Chocolate... Yummy..

So we settle in to eat I divide my plate with my youngest since she kept the table secure for us, and we proceed to eat our Thanksgiving Dinner that is absolutely delicious.. The band is playing several people get up and sing with the band and I think today is not bad at all.. granted my girls are on an overload of sugar and freezing.... after an hour of chatting and letting the oldest go back for a second helping of mashed potatoes, the dining area is crowded once again and we relinquish our seating to a group of Single Sailors sadly standing with their trays at the drink machine waiting for a table opening so they can eat.. Happy turkey Day!

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  1. Oh WOW Heather....I always love to read your stories....you give so much detail that I feel like I'm right there!!! Thanks for sharing your TG dinner story with us.....I'm glad you had a grand ole time!!! The girls are just little dolls! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the sweetest comments!!!! Take care!


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