12 December, 2007

Creative Stocking Gifts.. Girl Scouts

Today is the Awards Ceremony for my Junior Girl Scout Troop. This is the first awards ceremony I have done or been to as last year they just had a very casual end of the year Ceremony..
I have put together 15 Junior Stockings and 4 adult helper stockings.. Busy Busy Busy I filled stockings that I purchased from Oriental trading with the following:

A Christmas themed Goodie Bag filled with their patches they have earned so far

A bag of reindeer chow (it is made the same way puppy chow is) (reindeer image from PC Crafter)

Chocolate spoons

Snowman Soup Cones

DVD with a Photoshow of all of the Troop Pictures this year

A Scrapbook Cover Page that I made.. So we can start on our Scrapbooks as a Troop (They all received a chipboard album from etcetera at the Investiture Ceremony from me in October)

Candy Canes with tags on them with different messages (Stampin Up Stamp and Red Ink)

Bubbles and a Christmas Tattoo

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