22 December, 2007

Great Business Opp. for me

When I left my job as the Supervisor of the Navy Lodge a year ago. We were in the middle of a transition, old Manager moving new Manager coming in.. The New Manager Ms. Ana seemed very nice but the first day I met her I found out my brother in law passed away and my family and I packed up immediately and flew to Louisiana... When I returned a month later still not over my grief I started working the day I got off of the plane, later I realized what a mistake it was not to take time for myself... A month after my return I put in my resignation and 3 months after she had become the new Manager she lost 2 front desk employees and her Supervisor...
Even with that rocky start we have become good friends, her daughter is the same age as my daughter they have become best friends.. She is really great she can come to me and talk to me about work and I understand, I can give her insight into the way things were run and what rooms have what problems...
Since leaving the Navy Lodge I went home sans husband and kids to visit my family, I started candy wrapping, crafting, stamping, Noahs Ark Stuffable Friend and making Candy Bouquets as well as being a Girl Scout Leader..
I made a candy bouquet for a Cricut Board member who was involved in a swap that in the end she did not receive anything... While I was making this bouquet the Girl Scout Leader from last year that I replaced called and asked me to make her a bouquet that she can have as a center piece for her Christmas Dinner Table....
I being the procrastinator and ever so busy individual waited until the 21st to work on the bouquets... I had been out several times looking for inexpensive baskets to put the bouquet in but i did not find one... Until.... I went to re rent a video game where there also happens to be a florist and saw this gold vase....and some berries (plastic filler stuff) so I purchased various items and went home with an idea in my head...
I am very pleased with the results and I have realized that the more bouquets I make the better looking they get..LOL practice makes perfect..
Anyways why was I talking about my old manager? Oh yes, her birthday party was the 22nd and the old Leaders daughter is also friends with both of our daughters actually for the longest time they were like the 3 amigos.. so I agreed to drop off her bouquet at the party.. Ms. Ana saw the bouquet and said that those would be wonderful items to sell at the Lodge and she would also like me to come up with some other ideas that she can use that has Navy Lodge in it.. sooo I have a great business opportunity in front of me and I am scared as hell... I don't want to fail and yet I am drawing blank with other things to come up with (as of right now anyways)...At the same time I am super excited that she believes in me enough and is willing to help me out..

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