31 December, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

30 more minutes and we will be ringing in the New Year!

Our house has dwindled down to 2 guests and we are watching "I am Legend" I have cleaned up the dishes packed up the food cleaned up the kids crafts and games they have played.. I find time to sit at my computer and reflect...

2007 is a year that has been different than any other, then again what 2 years are the same or 2 days for that matter..

A year where the loss of loved ones lessened just a little but doesn't mean we have forgotten. A year with wonderful surprises. A year of new accomplishments for my daughters, my husband and myself. There have been disappointments but that along with failure is something you must encounter and conquer in life.

I turned 30 this year actually about 3 weeks ago, age really is a number.. I have found that I like Tennis (how awesome is that?). I celebrated the beginning of the end of this year with some great people, we played Guitar Heroes 2 and had awesome food, Gumbo, Tri-tip, 3 layer dip, rice, pasta, hot wings, deviled eggs and some awesome spinach dip with bread.

Goodbye 2007, goodbye to what was accomplished what wasn't accomplished and things that never mattered, you know those little nit picky things. Hello to 2008 and going into with zero expectations and just a wanting of Happiness and Health..

No New Years Resolution that I will never hold myself to which is ultimately setting myself up for failure... nope just the hope,wish and want for happiness and health.. Easy?

Nothing is ever easy and anything important should take some amount of effort...

Farewell 2007... 23 minutes and counting...

Hugs to all of my Cyber Friends and my wonderful family!
Happy Cricuting, Creating and Living!

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