10 December, 2007

My Birthday

Well today is my birthday... yeah!

Just wanted to give an update on me.. Friday the 7th I had a girl scout sleepover with 11 girls, though I did not do much sleeping.. the floor (without an air mattress or sleeping bag) is not very comfortable for an oldie like me (HA!)... So Saturday my dear hubby lets me sleep when i get home because he has to go to his squadron for the children's Christmas party as he is Santa... I call him at 2pm because i am hungry and he has not been home, he says he is spending time with the girls and tells me to get some sleep.. at this point I am like wow! he is being really great... My friend calls whose house we are suppose to be eating dinner at that night and asks to talk to my husband (a little weird( I give her his cell number,.. Finally I fall asleep.. My hubby wakes me up and tells me we have 30 minutes to get to my friends house for dinner.. I go into this whole thing with why did he wait so long to wake me and such... I get this feeling something is going on but I think nothing of it.. he tells me the girls are at Mc Donalds (they don't like Thai food and my friend invited us for dinner which is always delicious Thai food, she is Thai) so it is starting to rain I ask him if they rode their bikes he said yes I ask him to go to McDonalds so we can see if they are there... He pulls in and I ask him to throw away the cup that is in the cup holder... HEY that's a Burger King cup.... He says "So" w (well burger king is 30 minutes away and the place where I told him I wanted a certain ring for my birthday) I start getting excited maybe he got me the ring maybe I am having a party

I tell myself to calm down its probably not that and I am expecting way too much...

The kids are not there so we go to our friends house and he parks in a peculiar place (away from the party room) so I start thinking again maybe I am having a party and he doesn't want to park near the party room...

no he wouldn't do that... so we go into the elevator to the 5th floor and I walk in saying hi and start taking off my shoes (as it is customary to do) and people start popping out with balloons saying Surprise!

(It's a good thing I went with my gut and dressed up and put make up on instead of grubby jeans and a tshirt, I was thinking)

to make a longer story short I did get a piece of jewelry not the ring I wanted but a wonderful piece of jewelry that I will treasure forever and ever.. I can't believe my hubby did that for me ...

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