27 December, 2007

My Latest Addiction is

a virtual pet... LOL
My daughters received from "Santa" Tamagotchi Connections... when they opened them up and started playing with them I was not at all interested... but as the day progressed and they kept asking me questions (Santa forget to leave directions) I found myself searching online for information on these "pets"
This Tamagotchi thing is apparently BIG or was BIG and is coming back again... I found loads of information and helped my daughters earn points and found the virtual Tama Town online for them so they could learn other things.. I then had to help them input codes..
What is a Tamagotchi?
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Tamagotchi (たまごっち) is a handheld digital pet created in 1996 by Aki Maita and sold by Bandai. The Tamagotchi is housed in a small and simple egg-shaped computer. Three buttons (A, B, and C) allow the user to select and perform an activity, including:
Feeding the Tamagotchi a piece of food or a snack.
Playing games with the Tamagotchi.
Cleaning up a Tamagotchi's waste.
Checking its age, discipline, hunger, weight, happiness and other stat levels.
The pet will get toothaches and other illnesses you must administer medicine, they go to school/work, the more you play the better off they are.. They can die... You can start over...
There are cheat codes for items as well as points...
I am now hooked on Tamagotchi I went and purchased myself one and spent the first 2 days yelling at the thing to poop so I could potty train it and wouldn't you know it every time I wasn't looking the darn thing would poo... Ughghg LOL.... My girls are very excited that I am into Tamagotchi and that we can all help eachother with our Tamas and they can not wait until we are old enough to connect our Tamas so we can visit eachother.. (we can only think of this as being the reason why we can not do it right now, as we are too young)..
Of course the girls are also mad at me because their tamas are boys and mine is a girl... poor things
This is what Caitlin and my Tamas looked like as a Toddler a Kuchitamatchi
Here is what mine currently looks like and is considered a teen (i think) - Ura Young Memetchi
Here is Caitlins, she also has a flying one he is a Kometchi

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