27 June, 2007

More Dominoes

My Dominoes Journey

I purchased some dominoes the other day because they were on clearance......

So today I spent several hours scouring the Internet on how to alter them... On hand I have a black and a red sharpie and a gold paint pen...

I also used some alcohol inks on the dominoes....

I am going to look at some other supplies for sealing the dominoes, i would really like to put images on them without stamping but I haven't figured out how to do that yet...and I plan on stamping some of the dominoes later...

25 June, 2007

2 12x12 Layouts for Contest

So I finished 2 12x12 LO's for the June Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Contest on the Cricut Messageboard.. I am very proud of what I was able to create...
OK so you guys must like me to put you to work. So here goes. The theme for June is: "Thank You For Our Freedom" two page Lay Out Let celebrate the 4th of July by paying tribute to our freedom. I would like to do a page and donate it to one of our military families on the board. You can do the same or do a Lay Out for your families celebration memories. Just make it Red/White and Blue and have fun ladies.

Paper Dolls

I made some Paper Dolls with my Cricut and the New Arrivals Cartridge.. I submitted it for a chance to win a cartridge I haven't heard anything back so I thought I would go ahead and share with my Blog Fans....

I made these for my daughters to play with and used velcro to secure the clothing and also laminated to make more sturdy all pieces of clothing and the doll

ATC Card

Here is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I made for a swap that I am in. The theme was Spring...

I used CTMH letter S from Baroque Alphabet and red embossing ink powder and heat embossed the letter S

I used an ink dauber and used ink pad color blue denim to tap out the clouds then I used forest green and daubed the grass, I then used a pen to add definition to the clouds and the grass

knotted a piece of green string and glued it to the card and added the embossed letter S on top of the string to complete it

Tokyo DisneyLand -- 2007

Tokyo Disney Sea

FujiKyu or Fuji - Q Highland

1. King of roller coaster FUJIYAMA

It's max height is far higher than the ferris wheel(79meters). you can see the wide view of the Mt.fuji right before you go down the first slope. It's a lot different from high above.
From the start to the end you are ready to fall into the deep horror of the out of control whirling coaster. It'll be the longest 3 min and 36 sec of your life. The ultra coaster named after Mt.fuji will not let you down~!

In Japanese Fujiyama means the "king of mountains", therefore you can infer that Fuji-Q Highland park chose this name so it could be known as the king of all roller coasters in Japan. Fujiyama is one of the tallest and longest steel coasters in the world. This megacoaster stands 26 stories tall, features a steep 230-foot descent at a 65 degree angle and a top speed of 80.8 mph. After the twenty three story plunge, Fujiyama's trains follow a double out and back layout with a number of airtime producing hills and drops that is well over a mile in length.

Roller Coaster Stats
Height: 259 feet
Drop: 230 feet
Angle of descent: 65 degrees
Top speed: 81 mph
G-Force: 3.5 G's
Length: 6,709 feet
Ride time: 3 minutes, 36 seconds
Trains: 3 - 28 passenger

--- While on this ride, All I did was scream to let me off of it.. scary fast with loops... I am not as young and thrill seeking as I use to be

15. Red tower

The feeling of 0 gravity as you zoom down the tower. you feel nothing as you fall down.
must be taller than 130cm

--- Not as bad as I thought it was going to be..

12. Pirate ship

Please don't gorge yourself before you hop into this ride. you may feel like riding on a tiny boat before the great sea. Now are you ready to get seasick?
must be taller than 120cm

---- A ride much like the buccaneer found at carnivals

18. Wave swinger

A nostalgic feeling runs as you ride this swing like ride....but that's not all. it also goes up and down~!
must be over elementary school
must be taller than 110cm

---- My girls on the ride

13. Moon raker

Wouldn't you fall if the roulette turns and stands at an 83 degrees?
The abnormal world of degrees! you may be thankful that you're living once you get of alive.
must be taller than 110cm

-- my girls at the top

12. Tea cup

A fairy tale land? or an action hero? this fast spinning attraction will bring both at the same time

---- who gets tired of spinning?

6. Great ZABOON
Only attraction where you get to wizz through the 18meter water sprout!! but watch out, you don't wanna be anywhere near when the water splashes~
---- you are in a tube like car with a clear top so you can see everything.... you do get a little wet.. the kids enjoyed this only thing no harnesses and my lil went forward and banged her head on the seat in front of her

20. Merry go round
All the fancy structure will lead you to the childhood days. The illuminations will lighten up the spirits between you love birds.

--- we all love merry go rounds especially the ones with carriages so we can feel like a princess

5. Shooting coaster zola
The excitement you from fighting the aliens from out of nowhere in the total darkness. The only chance to blast away your stress by winning

---- Reminds me of a Buzz Lightyear ride at DisneyWorld or was it Disneyland?

There was 2 haunted type houses to walk through.. I do not know the name of them.. 1 you watched a video and walked through he dark and things tried to scare you

the second one after the introduction all in japanese you are suppose to find a coffin that you fit in... thankfully they do not close them they are lined up in front of a stage and they proceed to tell a story of people coming back from the dead and in the coffin there are speakers next to your ears and you hear heart beats and everything.. it made it a bit spooky and the workers are in black robes with painted face or masks with flashlights walking around you while the story is being told and then all of a sudden the coffin shakes.... my heart about jumped out of me... LOL

ICE Skating Rink.... The girls had fun and went ice skating for the first time... wow! 1000 yen

20 June, 2007

Of all the things

Of all the things I meant to say and didn't, of all the times I should have stayed and wouldn't of all the words that would not come the ones I miss the most are the easiest ones..
the sadness still lingers and the memories still strong of all the good times where none did go wrong..

Time is such a constant forever moving on, time will always hold forever in its bond
leaving us so early, so unexpectedly it is with sadness that we said goodbye for our hearts were heavy with the love that you did give

Of all the things I meant to say and didn't, of all the times I should have stayed and wouldn't of all the words that would not come the ones I miss the most are the easiest ones..
Of all the things I meant to say
Thank You
I Love You
I'll Miss You

I whisper to the night and let time carry them away
memories hold strong to forever and time tries to fade the pain

Of all the things I meant to say - Goodbye was one of them

16 June, 2007

Altered Chipboard Coasters

I altered some chipboard coasters for photo magnets for family and included pictures of my daughters

13 June, 2007

Teachers End of the Year Gifts

Just some candy items I put together for my daughters gifts to their teachers for the last day of school tomorrow...

candy bouquet in a mug

the other is suppose to resemble a sundae complete with cherry (i did not have sundae glasses so I improvised)

12 June, 2007

Baby Pot Gift

Fathers Day Candy Jar

Here is an altered bottle I used to fill with goodies, this one has colored candy balls... (switched it out after the picture for malted milk balls my dh's favorite).. I free handed a shirt and tie template and hand cut it... I used white cs and stamped a pattern on the shirt, then I used some great paper sent to me by Knickers for the tie and pocket hanky for the monkey head I used NA, the tag TBBM and Dad was using Celebrations

07 June, 2007

Changed Altered Comp Book

I added some things to this Comp Book I altered earlier...
I added the word Notes using the ALphalicious Font Cartridge in my Cricut and the rubons from making memories