08 January, 2008

Hello.. Goings on and Get Togethers

Hey Everyone!
As you can see I changed my Blog Colors again... no more Black and red motif, however I do not know if I like this color combo..

How is 2008 going for you so far? As for me things have been busy busy with the girls finally going back to school yesterday. DH works the late shift at work so now my sleeping pattern is thrown way off..

Girl Scout Cookie Kick Off is on Friday and we start selling at Booths on Saturday... This is my firs time being a Leader so I am not sure how everything will work out at the booths and such,.. Wish me Luck! We are going to be busy busy for 2 months selling Cookies as well as having meetings...

Stuffable Friend class will be held at the Ceramic Shop this month. It is a choose your own bear and outfit class with a free sound chip $25.00 email me or call Ms Edie to sign up.

I am also having a get together January 20th for the new Close to My Heart Idea Book, we will work on 2 cards. There is no fee but if you would like to purchase the Idea Book it is $4.00. Hope to see you there, if you need directions please email me.

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