28 January, 2008

Here is My messy Craft Area

Here is my craft area after a session of creating... crazy and disorganized huh?

I put everything back together and even crafted some more and my table is still pretty decent.. I am getting better.. My floor however is a different story I have tons of little pieces of scrap paper and mounting squares backing paper to sweep up.. LOL you win some you lose some..


  1. If you think THAT is messy...you should see MINE!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Heather....I have a solution to the paper flooring. I can send you my Heidi dog, the Paper Eating Freak Springer Spaniel, who has sonar and knows the second a sliver of paper hits the floor in my studio. Fortunately for me, I keep the baby gate up and she only gets in when she has managed to sneak in.
    She sure would love your Paper Floor Buffet. PS I love your work.


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