06 January, 2008

Hostess Rewards

Did you know that whenever you and your friends put together an order of $150 or more it is considered a party?

Whether you host a party in your home or take a catalog to work to share, you
can earn free stamps if the sales total $150.00 (before S+H and tax) or more.

Let me show you how to have an evening of fun and earn free goodies at
the same time! Or show off our beautiful catalog and products with a book party.

No need to clean the house and still receive the same hostess gifts. What could
be easier?

What You'll Receive As A Close To My Heart Hostess:
  • FREE scrapbook and stamping products.
  • A 50% discount on your Idea Book.
  • FREE shipping and handling on Hostess Rewards.
  • A FREE booking incentive stamp set with four designs and one
    My Acrylix™ Block when three of your guests schedule and host their own

If Your Gathering Sales Reach Reward Yourself With *
$150 - $249 $25 in free product
$250 - $349 $40 in free product
$350 - $449 $60 in free product
$450 - $549 $80 in free product
$550 - $649 $100 in free product
$650 - $749 $120 in free product
$750 - $849 $140 in free product
$850 - $949 $160 in free product
$950 - $1,049 $180 in free product
$1,050 and up...For each additional $100 in subtotal sales Rewards increase by $20

* Choose any product we offer in our Idea Book or current year’s Expressions!

PLEASE NOTE: A Gathering must reach $150 in sales to qualify.Gathering subtotals are product sales and do not include shipping or sales tax.

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