22 January, 2008

It's Snowing!

We wished for it and wished and now that it is here I wish it wasn't.. LOL

I have just been so cold lately and DH is always hot it is a fight to have the heater on in the house, in the military unit we live in every room has its own switch to turn on the heater.. So usually I stay in a separate room from DH so I can crank the heater up, because even in socks, sweats and a long sleeve shirt I am still cold..

Now with the snow (even though we all want to play in it) ughhh hopefully we will not have to sell cookies in it.... I am colder with the snow here, maybe my girls should stop opening the window and sliding door to see the snow..?

I live in (we call them Towers) and as my DH says "I am like a Princess (or her Cousin) I live in the farthest Tower on 2nd Highest Floor" So these pictures were taken between 630-725am this morning and they are shots looking down from my building from my daughters bedroom window. We live on the 8th floor out of 9.

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