06 January, 2008

Tips for Everyone

Must know tips that every stamper and scrapbooker needs to know.
Basics like how to care for your tools and supplies to what products are best for different projects.

My Acrylix™ Care and Cleaning....
As part of our My Acrylix™ durability studies we’ve done extensive research on the best ways to clean and care for our new stamps and mounting blocks. For best results, we recommend the following: The following are answers to several Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the care of My Acrylix™.

Q. Will Staz On ink or cleaner damage My Acrylix™?
A. Staz On ink was designed for permanently decorating non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, and ceramic, not for use in albums or with paper crafts. The ink has no effect on the stamp or block, other than discoloration. We recommend cleaning your stamps with the Spritz or Stamp Cleaner as outlined above, immediately after use for best results. Staz On Cleaner was designed to erase mistakes or residual ink on your stamped surface before the ink dries. Although it is safe to use on your stamps, we do not recommend using Staz On cleaner (or any oil based cleaner) on My Acrylix™ blocks.
Q. Will alcohol damage My Acrylix™?
A. As discussed above, alcohol is okay for the occasional cleaning of stamps only. We do not recommend cleaning My Acrylix™ blocks with alcohol-based products, as the alcohol may cause hairline fractures in the material.
Q. Is the My Acrylix™ Spritz Cleaner different from the Spritz Cleaner previously available?
A. No. Although we changed the name and packaging to reflect the My Acrylix™ brand, the product is the same. This cleaner is the preferred method of regular cleaning.
Q. Can I use baby wipes to clean my stamps?
A. Baby wipes will leave a fibrous residue on both the stamps and blocks. Although they will not damage My Acrylix™, we do not recommend their use.
Q. Can I use dish soap and water instead of the Spritz or Stamp Cleaner to clean My Acrylix™?
A. As mentioned, soap and water is very effective at removing the dust and dirt that can reduce “stickiness” over time. Continual use however, will cause a build up on your stamps. To remove ink, we recommend using the Spritz or Stamp Cleaner and the Double Scrubber as outlined.
Q. Can I use acetone (nail polish remover) to clean My Acrylix™?
A. We do not recommend the use of acetone on any stamping product.
Q. I often use the bleaching technique. Will this harm my stamps?
A. Using the bleaching technique will not harm your stamps. We recommend that you use bleach with caution however, and immediately remove it from your stamps with the Spritz or Stamp Cleaner.
Q. I sometimes get ink on my block when stamping. What’s the best way to clean it?
A. Clean My Acrylix™ blocks immediately after use with the Spritz or Stamp Cleaner as needed. Do not use alcohol or oil based cleaners.
  • I have been asked if Close To My Heart (or me) will replace lost or torn stamps. Individual stamps will not be available for purchase. Therefore, please develop a system to keep track of your stamps while you are using them. These stamps are very easy to lose! They literally disappear when you set them down. Get in the habit of transferring them from the storage sheet directly to the block, and then back again. Believe me – I’ve lost them and had to look through my desk trying to find them! And their stickiness gives them ability to stick to anything, so you could find yourself looking for them on the bottom sides of the drawers, or anything else on top of your desk!

  • Recently, a fellow consultant noted that she uses one of the larger acrylic blocks as a “placeholder” for the stamps she is using. This keeps them all in one place, and is especially handy if you are using more than one stamp set at a time. Plus an added bonus is that you can clean them all at one time, while they are stuck to the larger block! Great idea!
Basic Stamp Pad Care....

  • Store stamps in an environment you would be comfortable in - no extreme heat or cold.

  • Store you ink pads upside down, and the ink will be at the top of the pad when you're ready to use them.

  • Always keep Rainbow pads level and never store them upside down.

Design & Journaling Tips....

  • Invest in an Alphabet Stamp set instead of using sheets of alphabet stickers. You will never run out of any letters, and the color choices are unlimited. And don't forget our Close To My Heart Alphabet Stencils. This can really save a lot of money in the long run.

  • Sometimes it is a good idea to stamp on a separate piece of paper, cut around it and mount it on your page. This give your page extra depth and gives you a little more control.
    Try placing pictures, punches, and stamped images in groups of 3 on your pages. This is a design principle that helps the page look balance.

  • Writing and drawing tools should be permanent, fade-proof, water-resistant, and quick drying.
    You can use our Large Stripe or Small Stripe stencil, as a guide for journaling on you scrapbook page. It helps you to write straight, and there are no lines that you have to erase!

  • Use a paper crimper to add texture in your scrapbook. It's especially fun to crimp letters in your title that you have cut out of a contrasting paper.

  • Achieve a watercolor look by using the Tombow® Blending Pen with Close To My Heart Exclusive Inks® Pads, a watercolor disk or our watercolor pencils.

  • Use a Tombow® Blending Pen to create a torn edge with Mulberry Paper.

    Must Know Product Tips....

  • If your punches are getting stuck - try punching through wax paper a few times to fix the problem.

  • Don't use your fancy edge scissors for anything except for paper, cardstock or pictures. Using them on other materials will dull the edges.

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