16 January, 2008

Yahoo 9

Ok First off let me just say that I do not work for Yahoo, nor do I receive any royalties or any compensation for posting this.

Being a Military Wife and stationed Overseas it can be hard on the family to call you unless they have a really good phone plan. Well not anymore.. My DH discovered that with Yahoo 9 Voice (i think) we could sign up for a stateside telephone number and have it ring to our house or a cell phone instead of having to be on the computer talking like Vonage (of what I have heard I have never tried Vonage) and the previous Yahoo Voice we had. The cost for this phone service is $30.00 per year and the best part is it is a local call for your family so all they have to do now is figure out the time zone difference and stop calling you at 1am..

We had a previous stateside number but we had to be on the Computer with a headset to answer the phone and we could even call directly from the computer to the family in the States, not sure what the rate breaks down to but we talk alot and it takes forever to use up our $15.00 that we put on there at a time...

If you happen to be Military and Overseas check it out..

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