08 February, 2008

Blog Candy Giveaway...

Sorry everyone that I have not posted in a week... That cold/flu whatever it was really kicked my butt... I was ill for 3 days then it snowed and I have been trying to catch up on my orders of Candy Bouquets...

Ok.. So for the Blog Candy... 7 spools of misc. ribbon, and 5 packs of Studio G acrylic stamps..

To enter all you have to do is answer this question in the comment section...

What is your favorite stamp and the company that makes it?


What is your favorite place to shop online for stamps?

I have seen mentioned some stamping companies on other blogs and I wonder who makes that stamp or this stamp... there are alot of companies/makers I am unaware of... so enlighten me... Please... I will pick the winner on my anniversary (11 years) which is February 22nd.


  1. I Love, Love, Love house mouse stamps. The best place I have found to buy them is online at www.hmstamps.com Dick runs it and he is awesome. Super fast shipping, great communication and the lowest prices I have found. (Just so you know I don't have any affliliation with them I just recently started stamping and am just a really happy customer)

  2. Well I would have to say the Memory Makers Foam stamps. I like using my MM paint. I started with Stamping up wood mounted stamps. I like CTMH Solo Acrylic Stamps. I evenually want to get all of the letters. I actually need to get into using my stamps more and more.

  3. Wow, I feel like you.....the family all has a cold/flu and we got 14" of snow on Wednesday. You've got some great candy up for grabs!!! My fav. online company is Gina K stamps. But I also am in love with Stampin Up too.
    Cheryl KVD

  4. I just started "dabbling" into stamps myself and I got my first little set of acrylic stamps from Technique Tuesday. LOVE IT! I am also gonna look into getting some Heidi Swapp, dunno... I am at Camp Casey South Korea so I am unlucky in the sense that I can't walk thru isles and isles of bliss at a HL or LSS, but have found that scrapbook.com works for me!!!! They take paypal- which works for the paranoid in me. I get scared putting up cc numbers and such on the web! And I have ordered from them only a couple of times but they have never gotten the APO address wrong. I always get my stuff when I expect it to arrive. And I have tried others and have not been so successful. Let me know if you try it!

  5. I haven't been stamping long, but I LOVE Stamping Bellas! They're just so fun and she even has a couple of masculine stamps!


  6. I love the turtle stamps by Inky Antics, espcially the Princess Turtle! --Ann

  7. Favourite stamp I have is loveybella by stampingbella! Though there ae many more from their line that I truly love! But ones i have trouble walking by in the store are the studioG - both the clear and the wood! When they are so cheap at M's, it is hard to pass them up!
    We have all been sick here. Everyone is well again except my youngest. He has medical issues and it takes him sooooo much longer to get over things!!! So glad you are feeling better! This is a sweet thing for you to do!!! Hugs!

  8. Tough decision - I love SU stamps and CTMH. I havesome some very cute House Mouse stamps (which I sadly do not have) - so, lets go to the second part of the question - my favorite ONLINE place to shop for stamps is peachykeen. They have some of the CUTEST stamps around. But oh no - perhaps my Stampinbella stamps would be my favs.....

  9. wow 3 days your lucky, my kids have been down with this for over 3 weeks now :( I am immune, but now that I wrote that I am bound to get it :S anyways we were talking stamps, I love house mouse stamps I have yet to get any :( but my fav place to purchase stamps is ebay I am always looking for a bargin.

  10. I really enjoy the $1 stamps that you can get from Michael's.. I don't use stamps all that often but I do see some on clearence I pick them up. Lol sorry I am not that helpful for finding new stamps ideas for you!

  11. Hope you are feeling better by now. I to had the flu bug, my cough still lingers. Anyway, I purchased three little stamps at ACM. A guitar, a fancy "rock" star and a skull. My daughter is sixteen and just loves guitar hero so I used these for her valentine and 2 her friends who come over have been bitten by the card bug an love those stamps as well. I have no idea who actually made them. The were in a big box with others, but there are no marking on them. I guess I'll have to look at ACM next time I visit!

  12. Hello from Australia.
    I would have to say I just love Autumn leaves clear stamps.

    I get my stamps from scrappingjewels.com

    Great prize good luck to everyone that enters

  13. Hi did you pick a winner already, I didn't see it in your post,Thanks, Kathy h...


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