02 February, 2008

MF and You Magazine

Well Caitlin had a Magazine job a while back and the issue came out I think around December but I was never able to find it online or locate it locally. Finally I asked the agency for a copy and when she went to an audition today for an All Media for an Energy Drink they gave my DH the magazine..

Of course on the front cover is the website I needed.. LOL As I looked it up she is actually on the header.. Here is the link if you want to take a peek..
http://www.mf-net.jp/mf/n003/ (here is the picture from the website)
Anywho.. My temperature last night was 103, today it is 100.2 so I am hoping by tomorrow I will be better, because I don't think anyone else will be out there selling girl scout cookies... ughghghg
I will definitely post the Blog Candy tomorrow... it is 1120pm right now and my house is sort of in shambles..see what happens when you become ill? I am sure all of you have been there..

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