31 January, 2008

More Blog Candy

Hello Everyone, be on the look out maybe later today or at least by Sunday I will be posting another BLOG Candy Giveaway.. There will be no card required, it will be comment driven, all you will have to do is leave a comment on that post..

I am cleaning out the stamps that I never use and never have opened, there might be some wonderful wonderful ribbon in the giveaway as well... I am addicted to ribbon..

I am a little under the weather today as I have been for a week, it is a persistent cold.. I really don't like being sick, then again who does? It's only 8am and I am already thinking hot lemon tea, and soup for lunch (to soothe my sore throat)..

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Heather x


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well!! Get better soon!!

  2. Oh WOW....stamps and ribbon....KEWL!!!!!! Feel better really soon Heather!!!!


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