24 April, 2008

New Look

Hello Everyone as you can see I changed the look of my blog.. I am not sure I am 100% happy with it so if it changes again you will know why..

Husband will be 40
DH is deployed again and his birthday is in 2 days, I just finished making him a really cute card with 2 owls on it and you know what? I licked and sealed the envelope before I could take a picture of it can you believe that? How Crazy am I?

Design Team (Hopefully Me)
Other News I have submitted my work to be a part of a Design Team, this is my first time applying I do not expect to be selected but I would be super psyched if I was..

Being Published (Not me)
I have been seeing alot of people being published lately and I wonder to myself who, how and where do they know to submit their projects to? I would love to be published, but I do not know the who what and where.. Anybody, hints suggestions?

The Kids
Aww this sound, the sound of peace and quiet in my house as my children are all snug and asleep in their beds.. So many things to do, should I do the Laundry, Dishes or go into my craft room and play some more? What would you do?

I made 7 new cards and was challenged with a set of images and to think outside the box.. I think I did a pretty good job of it and as soon as I locate my camera (never let your 10 year old borrow the camera) I will post the pictures..

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