27 May, 2008

Just Johanna Stamps {I made Cards}

Stamp: Michou Item #: 1399A and Owl Love you Forever Item #: 1377D
PP from Magnolia, Brads from Crafts Etc.

Stamp: Calvin Right Item #: 248C and Fabulous Item #: 128AA
PP from Magnolia, Stampin Up Ribbon, Staz on Black Ink, Felt Flowers Misc

Stamp: Flo Item #: 1398B , Tall Present Item #: 1202A , Happy Birthday Item #: 311E, Soft Serve Cap Item #: 908AA, Dotted Tail Item #: 267E

Michou Item #: 1399A, Madricaine Item #: 1396B , Flo Item #: 1398B , Strut Your Stuff Item #: 178A , Fabulous, Style Conscience Girl Item #: 559F , Get Into Green Item #: 602C
Stampin Up Ribbon, PP Magnolia, Staz On Black Ink

Do I feel Bad about missing Item #: 526J, Tall Present Item #: 1202A, Lovely Skull & Bones Item #: 904F

My order from Just Johanna came in last week and with my DH home for a short bit from deployment I have not had any time to craft. He left yesterday and will be deployed for 3 months without coming back to see us.

Anywho.... So I went into my CLEAN craftroom and made the above cards..
All stamps can be purchased from
Just Johanna

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  1. Heather, what's on the inside of the skull card? I'm curious if there's another part to the stamp or did you just make something up.


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