30 June, 2008

Camping - Why I have not been blogging

I went camping for the first time since Grade School.. I am glad to be home is all I can say.. Not that camping is completely horrible but camping for 6 days was pushing the limits a bit..

Camp Outdoor Adventure Tama Hills 2008
6 days of Camping, for the first ever Tama Hills Summer Camp
Roughly 70 girls attended the camping trip including 4 from Atsugi
Amanda, Ana, Caitlin & Kiersten (Amanda & Caitlin are my daughters)

There were 7 groups headed by Cadet's & Seniors as Program Aides (PA's) there was an Adult added to each group to help support the PA..

Amanda & Kiersten were in Group 3 their Group called themselves Spice Girls
Ana & Caitlin were in Group 4 and their Group was Dj's Girls
I was the adult for Group 1 which were the Candies
other group names were: Bibbles Bubbles, The Dynamites, The Chicas, Sour Skittles
The first day at camp the girls became acquainted with other girls and their PA's and schedules were talked about, things we would do while attending camp things not to do as well as the menu for Dinner (Beef Stew) and the Bon Fire that night where we would have smores..
At the Bonfire the PA's and girls introduced themselves to everyone else and sang their chant if they had one..

Day 1: We hiked down from camp at 730am to Tama Lodge for breakfast (Pancakes and Bacon)
Then all the groups separated and begin their activities for the day:
Sample activities for the day: Archery, Horseback Riding, Badge Work, Lunch, Kaper Clean, Hike, Sports, Dinner, Free Time (showering), Writing, Lights Out
On the first day several if not all groups missed an activity or two because of the amount of time it took the group to hike from point a to point b.. some of the scheduling had you going in 20 minutes from the Lodge back to Camp which with my group took 40 minutes.. so we were late for the activity and did not get to finish and were late for most activities..
After the first day since Tama Lodge so graciously loaned Golf Carts to the Camp the Staff began to Cart us to and from whenever possible when there was a distance to walk..
Dinner ran along the lines of: Beef Stew, BBQ Chicken, Hamburgers, Spaghetti (2x's), Hobo Chicken Foil Pack with veggies
Lunch: Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Spaghetti, Frito Boats,
Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage & Toast, Pancakes & Bacon, Toast, Eggs & Potatoes

The girls earned a total of 13 badges while at Camp.. They even brought in a Faux Rock Wall to Climb and the girls enjoyed that. Caitlin zipped on up there so quickly, we were all shocked... The Horseback Riding was being walked around the fenced in area while on a horse or pony, there was no galloping or riding on a trail unfortunately. They did learn alot about horses and how to saddle and care for them..
On the last day we had an adults versus campers Dodge ball game which then turned into a water fight where most if not all ended up soaked.. Another Bon Fire with Smores... YUMMY! On the last day of camp we woke up to rain and most of our cots or belongings wet due to the rain.. we took our suitcases to the BP Lounge and went down for breakfast hoped the rain would stop then came back up in the rain and waited for our rides to pick us up.. Thankfully the rain held off until the last day, if it had been raining all week I would have booked a Cabin and stayed in it myself...

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  1. WOW, sounds like yall had lots of FUN, but 6 days would be way too long for me....You are such a good Mama to stick it out for your girls!!!!


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