09 June, 2008

Skeletal System Poster

This poster was made by my 3rd grader using my Cricut Expression and the Paper Dolls Cart.

She cut the Skeleton Costume on white CS twice at fit to page. The First cut went on the green poster paper and the second cut she took the skeleton head and pop dotted it on the first one then cut the leg bones and used them for arms and had her daddy draw the hands for her.

She also pulled up and or pop dotted some of the bones to give them some depth and added some shading. Using a label maker she labeled the parts of the skeletal system. On the back of her poster paper was her speech. (she also made a similar handout for all of her classmates but index card size) Her 3rd grade glass was given this assignment:

As a body organ, you are an employee of the Human Body Corporation. Due to recent cost increases, the Human Body is having to fire workers. You need to write a letter to the Human Body Corporation defending your position in the company. In your letter, you need to describe to the corporation the following characteristics of your organ and explain why you are important to the Human Body Corporation. *Indicate the name of your organ and where it is located. Identify what systems of the body you work with. Describe how you work with these systems. List the other organs that work with you in your system. Describe your main functions as a Human Body Organ. Tell the corporation why you are important and why they should not fire you. Also, explain what might happen in the corporation fired you. Be sure to include a labeled drawing of your organ to use as a visual aid to go with your letter.

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