19 July, 2008

All the Badges...

I am a first time Girl Scout Leader, both of my daughters were in my troop. We are Junior Girl Scouts.. This year we worked on 19 patches and numerous (22) Fun Patches.. While at Camp this Summer the girls earned an additional 13 patches.. Amanda bridged to Cadettes this year and Caitlin and I will continue with the Junior troop... We are so excited for this year because we will be working on several Science badges and I am trying to organize a Powder Puff Derby for all the Troops on our base.. I think the girls would have so much fun! As you can see from the vest though, Caitlin does not have a lot of room left... and she will still have one more year of Juniors after this... (we let her into the troop early due to complications with her previous troop)... LONG Story! ... LOL
None of those patches are sewn on, Caitlin did have 2 sashes but she did not like it.. so I took all of the patches off of both of them and this is packaged and ready to be sent to my Mother so she can sew them.. Thanks Mom .. I love you!! (I did buy her a wonderful NEW sewing machine for her Birthday that she hopefully loves!)

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