31 July, 2008

Giving Back.. Support the Troops

Thanks to Tishlaboo on the Cricut Messageboard. For Posting this information..
---> This email is not a forward. The site is legit. Do your > part. > >> Go to the link > > click on support the troops > > Select what item you want HBO to send to our troops. > > Fill in your information and they will send an additional > product donation > in your name > > This is all stuff our soldiers need, and it takes 30 > seconds of your time to > make HBO really dig deep and send a ton of stuff. > > > http://www.hbo.com/generationkill/ >

There are several items to choose from at the bottom... from Magazines, Deodorant, Hand Sanitizer to DVD's..
Show your support and give these men and women some more.. All it takes is a few clicks and your email address.

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