31 July, 2008

Keiki Cards... Announcement

Thanks to Jen at Pieces of Me I read about Keiki Cards. My Girl Scout Troop and of course myself were going to be making Cards and sending them to this organization for our service project this year. Unfortunately it looks as though they have PLENTY of cards at the moment and may even close due to the fact that they do not have the funds to mail these cards..

Here is the partial message from the Keiki Cards website:

Dear Keiki Cards volunteers and families,
Due to a lack of funding for Keiki Cards, we will no longer be accepting card donations. We have an abundance of cards that we will continue to send out to the children for as long as we can. We are in need of only postage donations and monetary donations. If you need to contact us by phone, please call Amber's cell phone at (808)-388-5675 or Annette at (808)-542-7106. Otherwise, please use our email to contact us. We are so grateful for all you have done for the children over the years. Thank you for all the wonderful and beautiful cards that have been made to put smiles on the children's faces. Thank you for your understanding to not send any further donations of cards or other office supplies. We only are accepting postage donations and monetary donations to help pay for postage.
- Amber

If you would like to help with postage stamps or monetary donations,
please click here to make an online donation, or if you'd rather mail in a donation, please send to:
Keiki Cards
PMB 5-5324224
Waialae Ave.Honolulu, HI 96816

I know that I will personally be sending a monetary donation online.. As well as when school starts the Girl Scouts and I will have a Garage Sale and send our proceeds to Keiki Cards.. They do such a wonderful thing, I know the kids who benefit from this organization love receiving the cards. It would be such a shame to see this end.

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