02 August, 2008

Contacts & a Broken/Bruised Toe

No Contact

Pretty Pacific Blue.. now why can't my eyes be this color?

Ok since I was about 22-23 I have had to wear glasses and in 2003 I tried contacts for the first time..
I usually purchase clear contacts, 2 years ago I tried brown and sea green (Fresh Look contacts).. It has been 2 years since I purchased contacts so this time I purchased Pacific Blue and took pictures to show the difference of with and without contacts.. I love the way the Pacific Blue looks.
the butterfly is covering how disgusting my toe looks.. I am in serious need of a pedicure..wonder if it will hurt ALOT if I get one with my toe like this? This is just the top all along the side of this toe (the one next to the baby toe) is all purple and blue as well..
Also I thought I might have broken my toe today (see above picture).. In my sleep deprieved late for Piano Lessons need to get to the store to buy the baby shower gifts and go to the grocery to make a welcome basket for a new family arriving into Japan (he will work with my husband).. I walked into outr chest/trunk that is at the foot of our bed.. I was in considerable pain and for about an hour could not feel my toe .. this was around noon...by 245pm my toe was purple and I had to change from my sandals to more comfortable shoes.. how do you tell if your toe is broken? Can they do anything for that?

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