07 August, 2008

Give Away!! Book & Craft Items!

New Signed Copy of "Childish Things" by Brian Naranjo

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About the book: Childish Things by Brian Naranjo is an intimate exploration of a boy's transition into manhood and a military future. Unique in that it takes place just before Operation Desert Storm began in 1991, Childish Things is actually based upon the true story of its author's coming of age in a time of war. Childish Things is an entertaining read that alternates between manic joy and profound melancholy-a read for anyone who believes in the power of a person to overcome the past and embrace an unknown future.

About the Author: A native of Houston, Texas, Brian Naranjo joined the U.S. Navy in 1990. He currently is working as a civilian for the U.S. Government in Japan. Childish Things is his first book.

I have read this book and let me tell you I laughed and cried while laughing..

I have also read his second book "The Tamale List" and it is amazing..

Details: Just drop a line if you would like to win this book and the mini scrapbook kit

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