15 August, 2008

OMG! Harry Potter

I am so devastated by the news reported today.. Click Here! I have been a very patient fan, a follower, I have read the books watched the movies and short of purchasing all of the memorabilia (DH draws the line) I have Nintendo DS games, PS2 games, Xbox360 games all devoted to HP.. I have planning and setting up my time for November, how I will watch all 5 movies then see the 6th with some friends...then go back and see it again with my kids.. then re-
read the books and probably re-watch the movies....

So why oh why are they torturing me with the delay/push back date of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (HP6)... Just for a Summer opening, they should have worked harder to have the movie ready this Summer then!!! I need my HP fix, really really I do.. How dare they tease us with a November date and then switch to Summer 09... I honestly think that NO MATTER when HP6 is released it will be a big box office draw for them... Granted on the plus side, watching the movie next year means that the 2 installment movie of the last book will have less of a gap I still wish I could see the Movie in November..

Maybe Rowlings could appease us and write something to tie everything together.. What are Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny's job when they grow up.. We know how many kids they have and what their names are.. I would love more of this type of information.. Is Neville married? Luna? etc etc..

Ok that is my rant about the release date change for HP6 disappointed in some ways, in others I feel I can deal with it.. LOL
~Rantings from a HP Fan

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