15 August, 2008

Scrapbook Pages

Thank you Michelle for letting me come into your house and use your supplies! Michelle put together a 4pg Zoo/Safari themed layout all Close to My Heart supplies for a crop. I of course was late and showed up with just my $ and adhesive. I could not find my Zoo pictures and I had to take the girls to their Photo appointment, we had a Sepia Photo session..

Anywho, as those of you know who visit my blog often, I rarely make scrapbook pages. I know I need to I have umpteen thousand (that is a number like a bazillion, just so you know) photos that need to go into a scrapbook instead of sitting in an envelope from the printer..

Ok so Michelle has 4 pages pre-made to give us ideas of how to put the pages together and has everything precut for us as well. This is my first time doing something like this, going and scrapping with people..is this a CROP?
Well Michelle's pages were great and I stuck to the general idea of her pages and added some things here and there that I have used in card making and or seen on blogs and such.. I am very pleased with my 4 pages (yes there are currently no photos on them).. I am sure I will LOVE them more when I slap the photos on them...
Thanks again Michelle and I can not wait until your next get together.

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