01 October, 2008


I have baby fever, for the last 2 years I have wanted to add on to my family. Dh however does not want to have another child. That is neither here or there though. This post is about me! LOL

My friend Claudia gave birth in Aug to her son Angel, he is so precious.
She went back to work this week and her previous childcare arrangements fell through so i was thrilled when she asked me to watch him for her. He is the sweetest little boy, he hardly ever cries has a dark head of hair and is just the cuddliest little baby ever. So another reason for me being behind is, taking care of a baby is alot more work than I remember, HA!HA! By the time he goes home (I watch him between 7 & 10 hours starting at 8am) I am bushed and want to crawl in bed, but I have my girls to feed and take care of..

We are now getting into a routine though, so I am happy about that. I will see everyone on Monday when I post the winners! (If I don't get any time to post before than)


  1. I love babies too! They're so cute and cuddly! :)) My sis just gave birth and I can't wait to play with my nephew!

  2. Oh my goodness yes...babies are so much work...especially when you aren't used to having one!!! LOL!!!!

  3. There was a brand new baby in the restaurant at lunch today and it was all you could do to not want to wish for another. Oy VEY! Congrats on getting to care for your friends child. That is the best of both worlds. Your influence, love, and care are infused in them forever but you get to return them home in the evening!

  4. She is so fortunate to have you to care for him during the day. I always worked full-time and I considered the caregiver to be the "other" mom. :D The one who was with my babies 10 hours of the day. That's a huge chunk of time to influence and love them. When I was asked "aren't you afraid your child won't know who his real mom is?" I just said "the real mom will be the one paying their college tuition". So, congratulations to you to have this very special role.

    Now that first baby is in college, I wish I could hit my childcare provider up for some $$ ;)


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