08 October, 2008


My New song total is 716 songs.. I did not have anything really against 666 but I had to add more songs!

In High School my main music genre was Country, while I had rap thrown in by my brother, Christian Contemporary by my Mother. I remember my first CD I ever owned, my older brother gave it to me for Christmas.. Arrested Development, my favorite song was Mr. Wendall. (sp)

Today I do not listen to one specific genre of music, I love all kinds of music.. Big Band, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Country etc.. etc..

These are the bands I added to my Itunes account today:
the Fray, T.I., Brandi Carlile, Usher, Journey, Gary Allen, Ingrid Michaelson, New Kids on the Block, Simple Plan, Life House

Here are my top 5 songs to listen to right now:
I Kissed a Girl -- Katy Perry
Walking on Air -- Kerli
Falling Slowly -- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglove (love love it)
How To Save A Life - - The Fray
Whatever You Like -- T.I.

I really like to check out the music on other peoples blogs, if it wasn't for those neat little music boxes I would have never liked Duffy... I get to be exposed to so much music that I miss with being overseas.. My car radio no longer works and I do not have cable and even when I did there was NEVER music on MTV (music television am I correct? what the heck happened to the music?)

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