11 October, 2008

Musical Theater

Here are some photos of Amanda's performance today. Amanda has spent the past 6 weeks in learning her lines, dance moves and perfecting her solo. This is her second time as a part of the Atsugi Starz Musical Theater Production..

A Very Magical Musical was performed by 17 players, from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King even a clown segment.

Amanda was in the first number where the girls dressed as lions danced, her next performance was 3 acts later when as Ariel. Amanda did a wonderful job, I wish I had video of it or even sound to share with you. She had a solo and song the song Part of Your World and let me tell you I was gushing with so much pride I got teary eyed.. She did beautifully.Her last act was as a dancer in the Arabian Nights scene for Aladdin....

Here are some pictures from the event, I am sorry the Little Mermaid photo of Amanda is not that great, I am hoping someone will pass along a better photo of her for me... Until then.. Enjoy

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