08 October, 2008

Odd Observation

I have been downloading songs into my Itunes account so that I can transfer it to my near obsolete IPOD.. LOL
Really! So I am listening to my music and notice that I have exactly 666 songs on my IPOD! Crazy! Huh, if I was superstitious I would run an add another song! But I am not, maybe I should just as a precaution?

When I was a teenager and worked at Auntie Annes Pretzels, if the customers total came to 6.66 or anything ending in 666 we were to add a penny to the total.


  1. LOL! I love 666 too :)
    That's a whole lotta songs!!

  2. LOL That's funny about the pretzel place...One time I bought a car and when the licence plates came to me....the numbers had 666 in them....I really didn't like that, but whataya gonna do huh....I was visiting my Mama one day and came out of the house to find that someone had stolen my plates and replaced them with some old beat up junkie ones....tell me that didn't stand out on a brand new card.....people are weird!!!! LOL!!! HUGS!!!

  3. As long as I didn't find "666" on my or my CHILDREN'S scalp I'm fine. ;)
    Based upon the music on your blog's player, you have a wide range taste in music. I like quite a bit of it.


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