08 October, 2008

Sweet Potatoes/Girl Scouts

Caitlin lined up by the bamboo, with her chopsticks ready to catch the noodles as the float by her so she can eat lunch.
(Somen is Japanese noodle made of wheat flour and salts, which is very thin and white. Somen is put in water flowing along a long bamboo gutter. You catch the noodles with your chopsticks, dip them in a cool broth, and eat them.)

Caitlin Digging up her Sweet Potatoes Forget the shovel she is just gonna pull them up!
3 Big 'uns!

This past Saturday as part of a Girl Scout Event with our Japanese Counterparts I hopped on a train with my daughter and several other leaders and scouts to Kurokawa Train Station. It was 3 trains (1 too many as we got off on the wrong stop, I was not navigating thank you very much), 45 minutes and then a 7 minute walk with our sister Troop the Kanagawa Girl Guides to the sweet potato field to dig up Sweet Potatoes.

I saw this sunflower on the way to the Sweet Potato Field right next to the sidewalk behind a railing.

This Spider I spotted as I walked up the hill to the Japanese Camp/Craft site

My daughter Caitlin being goofy with the Pinwheels she created thanks to Kanagawa Girl Guides Instructions

Some white flowers I took a picture of, not sure what type of flower they are

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